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Globe Business Broking

An honest assessment with an innovative, deliverable solution.

Our approach to business broking is to apply the sophistication of an investment bank through a transparent and targeted process.

We know that the key to a successful business sale is the preparation and the work we do with you up front to make sure that your business is properly prepared before taking it to market.

Our approach has a focus on the beginning of the sales process with an aim to decrease settlement issues by:

  • Starting with the collation and review of anticipated due diligence materials to identify any existing or potential issues and providing you a report of our findings
  • We then use that information to form an opinion of value and to develop a quality information memorandum
  • Applying the appropriate selling model for your type of business
  • Overlaying client protections under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008
  • Leveraging off the wider Armillary team’s experience
  • Offering a breadth of exceptional financial services and networks to assist the overall sales process.
You will benefit as our innovative fee structure will reduce the overall cost to sell your business.
Email or call one of our experienced team for a no obligation discussion regarding your business and how we can assist you.

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Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the GBB team. If you interested in listing or investing, or just have a general enquiry we’d love to hear from you.